Alliex | Card Processing System
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Card Processing System



Alliex has the best solution to lead Card processing business successfully. With experiences with many banks, we can provide a solution and a service that others cannot do. Moreover, we can give an answer with One-stop solution to many card processors that look for a resolution to approach to a new market strategically.

If you are with Alliex for card processing business, you can make more profit with our technical skills and know-how.

Main functions

Alliex’s innovative total financial solution complies all regulations and lives up to customers with effective and innovative service.
Alliex Card Processing system helps you to do overall Card processing business of overseas Card schemes.
– Card scheme Acquiring
– Card scheme Authorization
– Acquiring management (Evaluation, Decision, Confirmation)
– Merchant management
– Settlement
– Chargeback management
– Others (F/X, Fraud etc.)


Benefit of Alliex solution

With lots of experiences with many financial institutions, Alliex provides full scaled customized solution as evolving payment method.
– Qualified Alliex card processing system uses advanced technology so that it will

make you competitive by acquiring On/Offline transactions easily and


– With lots of experiences in Card industry, we know how to process required

services quickly and precisely. And Business efficiency will improve

– We will provide a proper pricing strategy to optimize each customers’ profit


– Alliex provides regulatory compliance, Risk and operation management,